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Galen Erickson Datig and Relationship Coach

Let's make it awesome!

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You Found my website! Welcome to my world.  Well, not exactly my world, really just a few web pages related to some of the crazy things I do with this beautiful life. 

Chances are, at any given moment, I'm building marketing campaigns, riding my bike, making spiritual-as-fuck comedy, or writing about awesome stuff in my blog.  

Check it out, keep in touch, and let's make it awesome! 

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Frequently asked Questions

Do you give dating advice?​
I help people connect to their hearts, communicate their desires, and create lives of passion and joy.  This inevitably leads to better intimate relationships and romance.  I don't tell people how to behave or what to say, I'm much more inclined to give perspectives and exercises than advice.

Can you help with Pick-Up techniques? 

The short answer is "No".  The longer answer is that usually people looking for pick-up techniques are doing so because they lack love and affection.  Creating a life of passion and integrity will tend to draw people to you and open up doorways to connection and affection.  But it will do so in a way that is a genuine expression of who that person is rather than "techniques" to appear more desirable.  

Are you a consent educator? 

The short answer is "No".  I am a life and relationship coach for men.  I help men discover their passion and purpose.  In doing so we almost always find behaviors and subconscious patterns that have been causing harm to themselves and those around them.  By increasing awareness and compassion people generally become much better at asking for what they want and exploring intimacy from a space of abundance and patience.  This leads to better consent practice. 


Do you Deal with Toxic Masculinity? 

There are a lot of factors that go into finding a sense of purpose, joy, and connection.  Many of these factors are personal, many are cultural, and some are just part of being human.  Each culture will present different challenges, each individual context will impact the work.  

What is Toxic Masculinity? 

Toxic masculinity generally refers to cultural norms associated with being a man that are harmful to the individual and other people in that individuals life.  It does not mean that all masculinity is toxic.  It just means that there are some forms of masculinity that are harmful. 

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