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Marketing Leadership

Celebrating the truth of the offer

When we think marketing, we often think of ads... and most people hate ads.

Great marketing should be a love letter that cuts through the clutter. It should connect immediately and pull you in further. 

Great marketing inspires action and shows a deep understanding of your audience. It should be intuitive, understanding, and fun. 


For example...


Imagine opening your mailbox and finding a handwritten letter from an old friend. (connect immediately)

You toss the other envelopes aside (cut through the clutter) and open it to find kind words acknowledging what an awesome person you are (pulling you in further).


Your friend knows you and knows that you have always wanted to hike the Napali coast of Kauai (understanding).  You read further to see that your friend has a hotel booked for a long weekend with 3 other besties in Kauai (fun).  


All you need to do is send a text to your friend confirming and they will book your flight (inspiring action).  They wanted to surprise you for your birthday (more fun).

You feel a rush of excitement as you confirm the dates and realize that this is exactly the trip you need right now (action taken).  You know it is going to take some effort, but it is going to be awesome. 

This is what marketing should feel like. 

It should remind you of what is important to you.  It gives you what you need to live your best life. 

This kind of marketing is not easy to do.  It requires accurate insights on your audience, creative genius, and the technical savvy to track all metrics as you test your hypotheses. It requires collaboration from many smart minds and hopefully a great offer to back it all up. 

Creating all this is what I love. It's how I earn a living and how I create value in the world.  To learn more about my work in this area head to Bon Ami Marketing

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