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you are a total stud

You are a role model for other men.  You are confident and respectful in a way that all people appreciate.  Your confidence does not require putting others down.  Indeed, you lift them up with your joy and your integrity.

Your confidence is sexy. When women are near you they feel curious.  There is just something about you that they want to explore.  As you interact, their eyes light up with joy.  You are a good man and it shows. 

You are an amazing lover. You are patient, intuitive and attentive.  You are honest about your desires and passionate in your expression.  You make love with your whole body, your whole being, your whole heart. 

You are a fantastic partner.  You support her in becoming the best version of herself.  You let her support you in becoming a better version of you.  Together you play, explore, and nurture each other.  

This is your story, but how much of it feels true already, and how much of it feels currently out of reach? 

You might know you are an awesome guy but have trouble letting that show in social situations.  You might know you are an amazing lover but don't give yourself opportunities to express yourself in that way.  

I help men connect to their truth and their power.  I help them find their own type of swagger and become their special kind of stud.  We go from insecurity and loneliness to confidence and connection.  

Working with me isn't for everyone.  Men have to be willing to consider the culture of masculinity that we were raised in.  They have to be willing to face their fears and do the difficult work of self cultivation.  They need to be willing to invest in their own skills, abilities and self love. 

If you are willing to do the work, I can support you in making amazing things happen.  There are few things in life that I love more than the thank-you notes from men who have found their perfect lover, gotten that perfect job, found that peace within their own skin. 


I take very few clients and I am very picky about who I accept. If you are interested in working together, shoot me a message via LinkedIn or Facebook (links below) and we can see if it makes sense for us to work together.  

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