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If the Buddha dated

“The journey of self-knowledge and self-love may be challenging and uncomfortable. Ultimately, it will help you to fully see and accept all of who you are. It is then you will be able to recognize, welcome, and fully receive love from another.”

Come learn and experience how self-knowledge can help create more joy, connection, and love in your life. Join Ivy Kwong, LMFT and Galen Erickson for this month’s Practice365 events, diving deeper into the insights of Dr. Charlotte Kasl’s best-selling book, “If The Buddha Dated.”

In this life-changing workshop for singles ready for love, you will learn and practice skills for creating real, meaningful relationships that will nurture your personal development and the growth of those around you.

“You will begin to recognize long-held beliefs that have been shaping much of your behavior, and you will move beyond them with a new awareness that frees you from the past and allows you to see others clearly, so you can create a spiritual union that you can trust.” -Dr. Kasl

This interactive workshop takes the concepts and insights off the pages of the book and into fully interactive exercises and guided games for you to experience more profound recognition and awareness of yourself and with others.

You become by doing. So, let's practice.

Reading the book is not a prerequisite to joining this event as we will have all activities and exercises planned for explained for you in advance. If you would like to read the book, you can purchase a copy by clicking here:

We look forward to sharing an evening of insight and connection with you at these very special upcoming Practice365 workshops inspired by "If the Buddha Dated."

2 Available Workshop Dates! (you are welcome to attend one or both as each will be unique and perfect for practice!):


Create meaningful connection 

So many of our modern-day social interactions are transactional, mechanical, and emotionally sterile.

People long to connect in ways that are deeply meaningful and emotionally engaged.

This life-changing workshop on Creating Meaningful Connection with The Power of Vulnerability will give you the experience, practice, and skills for creating deep, meaningful connection with others inspired by the concepts in Brené Brown's NYT best-selling book, "The Power of Vulnerability."

This experiential, transformational workshop takes the concepts and insights off the pages of book and into fully interactive exercises and guided games for you to actually experience the feeling of being powerful in your vulnerability. If you've ever read the book or watched the TED talk and wondered how to BECOME more vulnerable for deeper meaining, purpose, and connection, it's time to learn how in this workshop. You become by doing.

Let's practice.

Watch Brené Brown’s brilliant TED talk on The Power of Vulnerability:

We look forward to sharing an evening of vulnerability and connection with you at this upcoming Practice365 workshop: Create Meaningful Connection with The Power of Vulnerability.

Date: Wednesday, March 28 from 7:30-9:30pm

Location: Phinney Neighborhood Association,6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, Front/Blue Building, Room 6

Cost: $40-$60 (early bird tickets available now!)

Visit our website for more info here:



Galen is a men's work facilitator and relationship coach. He is committed to dismantling toxic masculinity and creating a culture of empowered, compassionate manhood. More info at:

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