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Relatinship Coach Galen Erickson

Live a life of passion

Awakened and integrated mind, body, and heart, honoring the masculine and feminine within

Who are you becoming?  How are you growing? What is your path to living the authentic version of yourself? 

We all have our hero's journey.  We must face our demons and dig deep to find the magic within us.  Along the way we meet friends and allies, mentors and muses.  We help each other to create the world we long to live in. 

I strive to create a world of magic and beauty by sharing my vulnerable truth and reflecting the world with eyes of compassion.  I am walking my path of becoming.  Are you going in a similar direction?  How can I help you?  

I have writing to share and events you can attend.  Some of you might want to work with me one-on-one, or dive into my 10 week intensive for men.  If you are interested in either of these, I start with a free 45 minute breakthrough call.  These calls are for people who want to dig deep and find their magic.  If that's you then let's talk

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