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Five Keys to swipe free dating

Most guys don't want to admit that dating apps are addictive, frustrating, and extremely inefficient.


For guys who want affectionate, and meaningful relationships, online dating can be frustrating and often depressing. It requires swiping for hours and when you do book at date, it often does not lead to a second date or the relationship is short and unfulfilling.


But it doesn't have to be that way. You can enjoy meeting people in person, effortlessly booking dates, and creating passionate connection.


You can learn to approach women you really want while feeling relaxed and care-free rather than feeling like a creep.


You can create the love life of your dreams without having to ever be rejected.


Watch this online training on how to find and attract the woman you really want without ever opening a dating app.

From Relationship drama to mutual empowerment

Most people think that relationship drama is unavoidable.


It feels like a choice between unfulfilling hookups and codependency.


For a lot of guys, this puts their desire for intimacy at odds with their personal development. The whole dating process can feel draining and time consuming.


But It's possible to create relationships that are mutually empowering, effortless, and enjoyable. With a few mindset shifts you can create deep and meaningful relationships that increase your energy rather than drain it.


Click below to watch the free masterclass on how to create powerful, passionate relationships that nurture the personal growth of both people.

A new type of man

A new type of man is required


You refuse to be "that guy," the one who makes unwanted advances, who subtly or overtly objectifies, the one who tries to pick up women when they obviously don't want it.


You also know how hard it is to connect when you meet an amazing woman and your mind is filled with how not to be "that guy" rather than how to appreciate the woman in front of you. So you play it cool. It's not easy.


We need to redefine what it means to be a man, and how to express ourselves as men interested in dating. It's a whole new ballgame and we need to be pioneers. We need to be deeply honoring and respectful, yet unapologetically masculine. It's not just what is right, it's what women want.


The men who figure this out get more female attention than they know what to do with, and the women tell them "Thank you"! These men don't need to attract or seduce; they are loved for the effortless expression of who they are.


Click on the link below to join the free Facebook group for men who accept the challenge of becoming the new breed of highly desired men.

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