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My Lover Likes to Change Her Clothes

My lover likes to change her clothes

Sometimes a dark evening gown

Other times, a frumpy sweater

Somehow, always more beautiful

Sometimes she wears a disguise

But she cannot hide for long

I know my love

Sometimes she wears blond hair

Other times brunette

Then black like silk

Then brown curls like the ocean

Sometimes dark skin

Then fair

Sometimes short

Then tall

But I always know my love

She is God wearing different clothes

I have always loved her

Even before I first saw her

There were times

When I doubted her love for me

Like doubting the sun on a cloudy day

Or in the dark of night

She is always shining

Even if there are clouds in the way

Or a planet between us

Even now

I feel her inside me

My lover is God, wearing different clothes

I used to think I loved the clothes

Rather than the lover

I would marvel at the beauty

Trace every seam

Caress every hem

But inevitably

I would stumble over the long trail of the dress

Or get tangled in the delicate strings

The rough edges would chafe were I held her close

I would get frustrated with the outfit


That it was not the clothes, but the clothed

Who I truly love

My lover is God, wearing different clothes

*Inspired by Ram Das "See everyone as God in drag"

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