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The feeling of loving connection Galen Erickson

The Awakened man

Men are not given tools for creating conscious, mutually empowering relationship.  Because of this, they suffer in loneliness, heartbreak, and frustration.  Relationships end without warning or explanation.  Wanting to avoid codependent relationship, men avoid relationship altogether.  Not wanting to make women uncomfortable, they avoid approaching women altogether.

This is a problem because emotional connection, physical affection, and sexuality are integral parts of being a human being.  To deny or repress these parts of life is to stunt energetic flow.  It causes distraction, contraction and energetic numbness.

This 10 week training gives men the skills needed for creating conscious, mutually empowering relationship.  Men are able to create relationship that support their personal growth and life goals.  They invite and cultivate mind blowing physical chemistry.  The relationships they create are joyful, sexy, and fun.  The relationship nurtures the personal growth of both people.

Program structure 
  • A key focus for each week: 

    • Each week we will focus on a different area of relationship, for example, Desire, attraction, Masculine and feminine energy, strategies for finding the right partner, etc.

  • Weekly Online Content (30-60 minutes/week)

    • This is where we will deliver core content of the program.  We will break down cultural narratives, and identify key mindset shifts.  We will highlight areas for individual focus.

  • Daily and weekly exercises:

    • Beyond conceptual shifts, this work needs to be integrated into the muscle memory.  Daily practice supports this process and allows for it to become second nature.  Creating enlightened relationship becomes less like a wild goose chase and more like riding a bike. 

    • Exercises include:

      • Journaling

      • Meditations

      • Visualizations

      • Physical awareness practices

      • Neural Hacking

  • Weekly Group Coaching Call

    • It is important for men to witness each other.  Men learn from seeing other men grow.  On these calls, each man will be given time to contextualize the work for his specific circumstances.  The group benefits from each individual context.

  • Individual Calls with Galen:

    • Everyone in the program will have early, mid, and late individual calls with Galen to ensure that any complex dynamics are cleared.

  • Community Forum:

    • All program participants will be added to a private FB group where they can share stories, ask questions and support each other in this life transformation.

  • Follow up support:

    • After the program, participants will be added to a new FB group for program graduates have access to individual coaching sessions with Galen as needed.

Program Content 

Practices for generating loving acceptance of self 


Exploring the ways that integrity is compromised 


Learn to harness the power of your desire for connection

Yin &

Understand the balancing forces within and without


Increase emotional vocabulary and expression


Learn the magic of embodied connection


Create a social life that supports a healthy primary relationship


Practices for honoring others in exploration and safety


How is your love expressed physically


A source for growth and understanding

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